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leather arm chairs

Reupholstered and transformed from the originals

Above is a final look of the arm chairs and the foot stool. You will see from the images below how the process started.

I really went to town on the new style doing many thing that had me wondering if it would work.

Take a look at the stages I went through.


I got hold of a 3 piece set of 2 arm chairs and one 2 seated sofa (See new blog for the 2 seater sofa). They were strong well made chairs but reminded me of my grandmothers living room. I thought about it for a long time to try and work out how I could change the image of them and make them more desirable.

The cushions were my biggest dislike so I built them all in and tufted the back. By making the seat lower I was able to take the wheels off and add hand made legs to improve the look.

I also decided the zig zag springs were pushing the back to far forward so I replaced with webbing.

Always love seeing the buttoning butterflies from inside the chair

The original chair had metal casters which didn't suit the look I wanted. I found a lovely old wooden bed frame and made multiple legs from it and painted grey.

The foot stool was made from scratch. I like the idea of using a stool like this for different thing such as letting the pet dog or cat rest on wile you are sitting back or even a little table.

And again the finished article ready for sale.

Reupholstered and transformed from the originals

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